COVID-19 and Pediatrics

posted on August 5, 2020

Pediatric infectious disease physician, Chokechai Rongavilit, MD, shares an unusual complication caused by COVID-19 that children can succumb to and reaffirms the importance of taking the proper safety measures to reduce spread as the school year approaches.

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Dr. Chai Article

The Connection – Summer 2020

posted on July 13, 2020

In the latest edition of The Connection, discover all the ways Central California Faculty Medical Group providers are caring for our community in the middle of a pandemic. Read more on how one of our physicians got creative with her neighbor’s help to protect health care professionals and patients. Find…

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Surviving and Thriving in a Global Pandemic, University Surgical Associates

posted on July 1, 2020

University Surgical Associates physicians, Dr. Maser and Dr. Karipineni, explain the innovative steps they are taking during the pandemic and their recent office move to streamline services for patients in the Central Valley.

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Dr. Maser & Dr. Karipineni

COVID-19 Triggers Strokes in Otherwise Healthy People

posted on May 20, 2020

Amir Khan, MD, discusses how the novel coronavirus can potentially trigger strokes in otherwise healthy people.

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Photo of Amir Khan, MD

University Centers of Excellence Directory

posted on July 31, 2020

University Centers of Excellence Directory – Updated July 31, 2020 PDF | RTF

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Cover of the University Centers of Excellence 2020 Directory

UCSF Fresno Pediatric Services Directory

posted on January 1, 2020

UCSF Fresno Pediatric Services 2020 – PDF | RTF

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UCSF Fresno Pediatric Services Directory

The Connection – Winter 2020

posted on January 27, 2020

In the latest edition of The Connection, read about the new technology Amir Khan, MD, is using to help some complex aneurysm patients, how Dr. H. Terry Hutchison was recognized for his excellent patient care, and many more stories about health care in the Central Valley. The Connection, Winter 2020…

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CCFMG 2019 Annual Report

posted on October 15, 2019

CCFMG 2019 Annual Report PDF | RTF

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CCFMG Annual Report Fiscal Year 2018-2019

UCSF Fresno Research Brings Safer Advanced Hip Surgery Alternative to the Valley

posted on July 31, 2019

Robert Kollmorgen, DO, a UCSF Fresno orthopaedic surgeon, knew there had to be a safer and better alternative for arthroscopic surgery than placing a large post between a patient’s legs that places undue pressure on the groin. In traditional hip arthroscopy, the surgeon places the post to pull the hip…

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Physician Spotlight – R Loch Macdonald, MD, PhD, FRCSC, FACS, General & Vascular Neurosurgery

posted on

When I was 9 or 10 somehow I knew I would be a brain surgeon. As a kid, my father was a psychology professor and he had all these books on the brain lying around the house. Also, I was always tinkering with radios and mechanical things, taking them apart, figuring out how they worked and basically doing microsurgery on them.

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