Why Choose Us

Join a progressive organization that values its employees and supports you in doing your best work. We’re at the forefront of health care research, innovation and practice, working together to make a real difference in the diverse and dynamic Central Valley.


You’ve worked hard to get to this point. At Central California Faculty Medical Group, we want to create the ideal environment for talented and passionate physicians to practice medicine. Here are a few of the reasons we’ve remained the area’s premier medical group for specialists for more than 40 years:

Administrative Support

We want you to be able to practice medicine and care for your patients. That may sound obvious, but those priorities can easily get buried under a heavy load of administrative tasks required in the modern practice environment.

As a member of Central California Faculty Medical Group, you will have access to an experienced support staff that takes those responsibilities off your plate. We handle:

  • Billing
  • Compliance
  • Human resources
  • Business development
  • Information systems
  • Marketing

You’ll have the peace of mind that the administrative work is covered, which allows you to focus on what you most enjoy: treating patients, researching new discoveries, and teaching the next generation of physicians.


Our physician members have a passion for teaching and mentoring others. All CCFMG physicians receive core-faculty status with the prestigious University of California, San Francisco School of Medicine through the UCSF Fresno branch campus. This gives them access to UCSF Fresno’s state-of-the-art Center of Medical Education and Research, the hub of medical education and research for the entire Central Valley. We strive to maintain a program that is attractive and challenging to residents and interns, and one that capitalizes on opportunities inherent to our unique, diverse community.

Contact us for more information on provider positions at CCFMG:

Physician Recruiting Manager
(559) 443-2689; Toll Free (888) 707-1077
Email: physician.recruiter@ccfmg.org


Central California Faculty Medical Group needs people with all types of skills and expertise to operate the largest, fastest growing medical group in the Central Valley. Here are a few reasons to consider becoming part of our team:


CCFMG offers a healthy, supportive culture where all employees are valued and viewed as vital contributing members. We hire people interested in shaping the future of health care and offer opportunities for advancement in every area of the company. You can enjoy a stimulating and rewarding career at CCFMG at every stage of your development.


We believe in paying employees competitively and providing comprehensive benefits for our employees and their families. When you consider Fresno’s low cost of living and easy, relaxed lifestyle, you can see why more than 300 non-physician professionals choose to build their careers at CCFMG.


CCFMG employees work closely with clinicians, administrators, health care experts and other health care personnel on a variety of tasks and projects. You also get to play an important role in the lives of thousands of patients and their families. You will gain valuable health care experience and exposure in this highly stimulating environment and have many opportunities to learn and grow.

Contact us for more information on non-physician professional opportunities at CCFMG:

Human Resources Coordinator
(559) 453-5233
Email: humanresources@ccfmg.org