UCSF Fresno

UCSF Fresno Campus

CCFMG’s partnership with UCSF Fresno expands our community’s access to high-quality health care and affords emerging medical leaders the opportunity to learn from the finest physicians in their field.

UCSF Fresno is a major clinical and educational branch of the University of California, San Francisco School of Medicine. For more than 30 years, it has offered residency and fellowship programs, as well as continuing-education opportunities, research, and public service.

Residency Training

At any given time, about 190 physician residents are training at UCSF Fresno. The program graduates more than 60 resident physicians each year. Since its inception, UCSF Fresno has trained more than 3,000 residents to become medical specialists in emergency medicine, family and community medicine, internal medicine, obstetrics and gynecology, pediatrics, psychiatry, and surgery.

The program emphasizes hands-on training, whether in rural community-based facilities or larger hospitals. The 10-county, 60,000-square-mile referral area incorporates both populous cities and remote mountainous areas and includes broad, multicultural diversity.

UCSF Fresno draws 75 percent of its residents from out of state and approximately one-third choose to remain in the Central Valley to practice.

Educational Opportunities for Medical Students

UCSF Fresno also provides continuing education for roughly 200 medical students each year. They participate in clerkships, electives, or preceptorships in all areas of medical education, and special training in cross-cultural medicine, migrant healthcare, and rural healthcare. Students also expand their exposure to health care issues of special concern to the Central Valley, such as teen pregnancy, geriatric needs, and respiratory health.

During the summer, UCSF Fresno offers first- and second-year medical students classes on medical Spanish-language and clinical skills courses. Third- and fourth-year students can participate in the Model Fresno program, an intensive six-month period of hands-on, clinical training in primary care settings.


UCSF Fresno faculty and residents engage in a board spectrum of research with an emphasis on improving outcomes in diseases such as asthma and diabetes that are highly prevalent in the Central Valley. With its unique demographics and cultural make-up, the Central Valley is an ideal setting for significant population-based studies. Since 1998, UCSF Fresno has attracted nearly $26 million in grants and research dollars.

UCSF Fresno is home to the Center for Medical Education and Research, an 82,000-square-foot, state-of-the-art building that features a digital medical library, virtual classrooms, and advanced research facilities. The Center plays a pivotal role in the recruitment and retention of top physicians, faculty, and researchers in the Central San Joaquin Valley.

Additional Programs

UCSF Fresno provides numerous additional educational opportunities for practicing doctors and dentists, as well as programs that address the special health needs and issues of Central Valley residents and encourage middle-school and high-school students toward careers in the health professions. For more information, visit the UCSF Fresno website.