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Is the Shingles Vaccine Worth Getting?

posted on November 13, 2017

Dr. Alan Kelton says the new shingles vaccine is worth getting and describes a family member’s personal account of how painful a shingles episode is. View Full Article »

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Risks of Tatoos

posted on October 30, 2017

Luis Dehesa, M.D. of University Dermatology Associates talks about the risks involved with getting a tattoo.

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Bicycle and Vehicle Safety

posted on October 19, 2017

William Dominic, M.D., FACS, discusses bicycle and vehicle safety after his traumatic firsthand experience.

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Air Pollution Control District has issued an air quality alert

posted on October 13, 2017

Paul Do, M.D., Pediatric Pulmonologist at University Pediatric Specialists provides advice to valley parents worried about worsening air quality due to the wildfires burning across the state. View Full Article »

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‘Couldn’t ask for worse’ says lung doctor about wildfire smoke in Valley

posted on

Vipul Jain, M.D., talks to The Fresno Bee on the recent increase in bad air quality. View Full Article »

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