Driven by the idea that when the best research, the best education and the best patient care converge, great breakthroughs are achieved.

CCFMG physicians at the University Centers of Excellence offices and UCSF Fresno conduct clinical trials. A clinical trial is the testing portion of research study of new medical treatments and evaluates how well they work. Research studies are done to find better ways to prevent, diagnose and treat diseases. Clinical trials can also be used to examine a new treatment and compare its effectiveness to an existing treatment that is already in use.

Every Clinical Trial has a plan that describes what will be done in the study and how it will be conducted. In order to better evaluate the outcome of a study, a specific set of rules are given to each trial.

These rules specifically determine who can participate. Some studies need volunteers that have certain diseases, while others need healthy individuals. Gender, age and ethnicity can also be part of the specifications.

At any given time, UCSF Fresno has approximately 160 clinical trials taking place. Having access to clinical trials is a huge benefit to any community. By having access to clinical trials members of our community can easily have access to cutting edge treatments that might not otherwise be available to us.