The Sushi Story Heard Around the World

January 25, 2018

Recently, a young man walked into the Community Regional Medical Center emergency room and asked Dr. Kenny Banh of the UCSF Fresno Emergency Medicine Department for worm treatment.

It turns out the patient’s treatment request was accurate, and he showed the five and a half feet long tapeworm that he brought with him to the emergency room.

The patient believes this happened because of his love for sushi, specifically salmon sashimi, which he said he ate every day. The patient ate sushi at too many places to be able to narrow down to which restaurant infected him, but he did say he would never eat sashimi again.

The story started on the podcast, This Won’t Hurt a Bit, with Dr. Jessica Mason. Then it was locally reported by The Fresno Bee and ABC30, but it has spread quickly far and wide.

The story has been reported by an impressive number of news outlets including Time, NPR, Buzzfeed, The Washington Post, and SFGate.

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