The Hillblom Center on Aging

a University Center of Excellence

The Hillblom Center on Aging provides a geriatric consultation and evaluation to help an older patient and their families understand the changing needs of the older adult. A specialized geriatric assessment benefits seniors over 65 with multiple and complex health problems by identifying ways to restore function, prevent further decline and thus maintain independence. The aim of a geriatric assessment is to conduct a thorough medical, physical, cognitive and psychosocial assessment to help patient and families plan ahead to preserve independence, improve quality of life and keep an older adult safe.

The Hillblom Center geriatric assessment is suitable for older adults with 3 or more chronic conditions living in the community. Patients may be self-referred, family referred or physician referred.

The assessment includes a comprehensive evaluation by a team of healthcare professionals that specializes in issues related to aging. The geriatric assessment leads to the development of treatment and follow-up plans; coordination of management of care; and evaluation of long-term care needs. A specific recommendation for care is then shared with the patient, their physician and family.

Geriatric Assessment Center Visits
Your initial assessment will include a visit with the geriatrician and Nurse Practitioner. At least one family member and/or caregiver is advised to participate in the initial assessment. During your visit, information will be collected from both you and your family member(s) to aid in better understanding your individual needs, medical history, social history and values. A thorough physical exam will be conducted. A follow-up visit will be scheduled to review and discuss the findings and recommendations for you. In some cases a home visit will be stat.

The Geriatric Assessment Center accepts Medicare and most major health plans.

First Stop Caregiver Resources

As we age, sometimes we need more assistance in the daily tasks of living. Taking care of a loved one while still managing personal responsibilities can be a difficult task. There are various organizations and various services in the community to support and help the older adult live independently. Below are listed organizations that can help with general information and others with more specific services.

Family Caregiver Alliance
A non-profit organization with information and resources for caring for an aging parent and others.

National Council on Aging
A non-profit organization that advocates for older adults and their families. Tools are available to help you determine your economic health, benefits you might qualify for, and educational program to help navigate Medicare.

Health In Aging
Trusted information. Better care.

Area Agency on Aging
Area agencies on aging are the designated managers for state service and planning areas and can be a good place to get information on resources available in the community for older adults. Typically Area Agencies on Aging offer the following:

  • Transportation, meal plan, assistance and housing programs
  • Assistance in gaining access to services
  • Individual counseling, support group and caregiver training
  • Respite Care
  • Adult Day Care
  • Supplemental support services

Fresno-Madera Area Agency on Aging
3837 N Clark Street
Fresno, CA
(559) 600-4405
Provides information and resources for the elderly in Madera and Fresno counties.

Kings-Tulare Area Agency on Aging
4025 W Noble Avenue, Suite A
Visalia, CA
(800) 321-2462
Provides information and resources for the elderly in Kings and Tulare Counties.

Valley Caregiver Resource Center
3845 N Clark Street, Suite 201
Fresno, CA
(559) 221-0396
Provides services and resources for individuals and caregiver. Services range from help determining best place to purchase medications, arranging respite care to support groups.

Senior Companion Program
(559) 498-6377
Program run by Catholic Charities pairs up a homebound senior with another senior for companionship, light housekeeping and meal preparation. No fee. Volunteer background checks and training completed.

In-home Supportive Services
(559) 600-5749
Arranges and helps pay for services to enable elderly to stay in home. Housecleaning, meal preparation, laundry, grocery shopping. As needs increase can provide bathing.

City of Madera
Parks and Recreation Dept
701 E 5th Street
Madera, CA
(559) 661-5495
Provides comprehensive services to their seniors – exercise class, meals, recreation, adult day care.

Additional Resources

Disclaimer: The services listed herein are for the convenience of the public. Service providers are listed to show services available in a particular area. We cannot verify the business practice or the background of providers listed on this page. This is a starting point to obtain services.