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Respite care provides short-term, temporary relief from caregiving responsibilities.. Many families utilize respite care to “take a break” for their own health and well-being. Respite can be used for a few days or a few weeks, depending on the needs of the caregiver. Forms of respite care can include home health services or temporary facility.

Around the Clock Care
Phone: 559-320-2400
Address: 295 W Cromwell Ave Fresno, CA 93721

Home Care-Givers Service
Phone: (559) 324-1470
Address: 150 Clovis Avenue Clovis, CA 93612
$23 an hour 6 hour a weekly minimum or 10 days

Interim Home Care
Phone: (559) 224-0560
Address: 1320 Shaw Avenue Fresno, CA 93710
$24 – $28 an hour 4 hour minimum

Valley Caregiver Resource Center: Respite Registry
Phone: (559) 224-9154
Address: 3845 N Clark Street Fresno, CA 93726