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Personal Emergency Response Systems/Medical Alert Systems

Medical alert devices allow uses to contact emergency services in the event of a fall or other emergency. If you fall then you push a button to gain access to emergency care. They are ideal for individuals who live alone, are at risk for falling, or have serious medical concerns. Some medical alert companies have integrated modern GPS technology into their systems. Tracking allows the company to determine the users’ location.

There are different systems available. Systems range from $29.95 – $44.95 a month. Requirements vary regarding a long term contract, and equipment. Be aware each company and product offers different benefits.

Wandering/Getting Lost

For those with cognitive impairments, wandering or getting lost can be a serious concern. Location systems help individuals with cognitive impairments stay safe and give their loved ones peace of mind.

Medic Alert Foundation
2323 Colorado Avenue Turlock, CA 95382
(800) 432-5378
Provides medical alert bracelets/necklaces.
Financial aid available under The Sponsored Membership program.