Ultrasonographer – University Cardiovascular Center

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A non-exempt position responsible for using diagnostic medical equipment to diagnose various medical conditions. Performs prescribed non-invasive cardiovascular tests and procedures.

• High school diploma or equivalent.
• Graduate of an accredited Cardiac Ultrasound program.

• Minimum two years experience in Cardiac Sonography.

Other Requirements:
• Registered Diagnostic Cardiac Sonographer® certification.

Knowledge, Skills & Abilities:
• Knowledge of anatomy, physiology, instrumentation, basic physics, patient care, and medical ethics.
• Knowledge of mathematics and science.
• Knowledge of safety, infection control, and quality improvement practices.
• Skill in communication and interpersonal interactions.
• Skill in performing mathematical and scientific calculations.
• Skill in gathering and analyzing patient data.
• Ability to explain technical procedures and results to patients in user-friendly manner.
• Ability to calm patients who may be nervous about the procedure.
• Ability to use correct body mechanics to assist patients appropriately.


• Performs two-dimensional echocardiogram, doppler studies, and color dopplers independently.
• Assists with stress echocardiograms and trans-esophageal echocardiograms. Assists with non-invasive procedures such as treadmills, Holters, event monitors, 12-lead and signal average ECG’s.
• Reviews patient’s medical history and physician’s instructions. Prepares equipment for procedure. Selects appropriate equipment settings. Explains procedure to patient and records any medical history that may be relevant to the condition being viewed. Directs the patient to move in to position that will provide the best view.
• Register patient demographic information into diagnostic testing database.
• Operates special equipment to direct non-ionizing, high-frequency sound waves into areas of the patient’s body. The equipment collects reflected echoes and forms an image that may be videotaped, transmitted, or photographed for interpretation and diagnosis by a physician.
• Views the screen during the scan, looking for visual cues that contrast healthy areas with unhealthy ones. Selects images to show to the physician for diagnostic purposes. Takes measurements, calculates values, and analyzes the results in preliminary reports for the physicians.
• Ensures quality care, safety, and general comfort of the patient undergoing non-invasive diagnostic testing. Position and transfers patients as necessary for examination. Responds to patient needs accordingly or communicates patient needs to appropriate member of healthcare team.
• Maintains and stocks equipment and supplies. Maintains sterilization of probes/equipment.
• Keeps patient records and adjusts/maintains equipment.
• Complies with safety, infection control, and quality improvement policies/procedures.

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