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JOB PURPOSE: The primary function of this position is to administer and score a wide variety of neuropsychological tests (as well as intellectual, achievement, and mood/personality tests) to outpatients who have been referred with question of cognitive and/or behavioral dysfunction secondary to known or suspected neurological disorders. The referral population ranges from 6 years old through the life-span.

• Bachelor’s degree in psychology or other social science

Preferred Qualifications:
• Graduate school coursework and/or training in neuropsychological/psychological test administration
• Certification with the National Association of Psychometrists
• At least one year of prior work experience administering and scoring neuropsychological tests
• Ability to speak fluent Spanish and English
• Experience in interpreting (Spanish/English)
• Prior work experience administering neuropsychological tests in Spanish

• Must know how to administer/score a wide variety of neuropsychological tests. Alternatively, must be able to learn administration and scoring procedures independently from test manuals and research articles, with occasional guidance from neuropsychologist, for a wide variety of neuropsychological tests.
• Must be able to administer and score tests according to standardized procedures.
• Must be able to perform job functions in a timely manner.
• Must have good interpersonal and communication skills to work effectively with the neuropsychologist and staff.
• Must have good general problem-solving skills.
• Must be able to use appropriate judgment in responding to emergent patient situations.
• Must be able to make relevant behavioral observations in order to maximize the validity of the test results.
• Must be able to relate to patients in order to elicit their best performance.
• Must be comfortable working with an interpreter as necessary.
• Must be able to set priorities among multiple requests.
• Must have at least intermediate computer skills with knowledge of MS Word and MS Excel Applications.
• Must be able to record information (e.g., test scores, patient demographics) with a high degree of accuracy.
• Must be able to independently observe patient (e.g., see and hear patient responses).


• Ensuring security of patient healthcare information
• Providing a written summary of relevant behavioral observations for each patient
• Maintaining inventory of test supplies
• Preparing test batteries
• Escorting patients to and from the lobby as necessary
• Maintaining meticulous records of patient testing time
• Regularly ensuring data accuracy (e.g., checking for transcription or scoring errors)
• Learning to accurately administer and score new tests as needed
• Scheduling patients for follow-up testing and feedback appointments as necessary
• Attending trainings offered by the department as well as by outside organizations
• Complying with infection control and health and safety policies and procedures
• Understanding, adhering to, and modeling core standards as defined organizationally and specifically within the department/unit
• Performing other functions as assigned by the neuropsychologist

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