Personal Information and Cookie Policy

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This page was last changed on December 30, 2019, last checked on December 30, 2019.

1. Introduction

Our website, (hereinafter: "the website") uses cookies and other related technologies (for convenience all technologies are referred to as "cookies"). Cookies are also placed by third parties we have engaged. In the document below we inform you about the use of cookies on our website.

2. What are cookies

A cookie is a small simple file that is sent along with pages of this website and stored by your browser on the hard drive of your computer or another device. The information stored therein may be returned to our servers or to the servers of the relevant third parties during a subsequent visit.

3. What are scripts?

A script is a piece of program code that is used to make our website function properly and interactively. This code is executed on our server or on your device.

4. Purpose

We collect information about you and other website visitors using cookies, scripts, and web beacons, which may include personal information such as your IP address, MAC address, browser identifying information, unique cookie identification numbers, etc. We use this information to: identify website visitors who have accepted our Personal Information and Cookie Policy, identify website visitors logging in to any of our services available on our website, provide content to website visitors including content tailored to you, provide access to our services, track Internet traffic and visitor use of our website and particular webpages, track aggregate or individual usage trends of features or services on our website, provide content via a content distribution network, backup information we collect, secure our website and patient information from potential or actual cybersecurity threats, or to market our services or the services of our affiliates that may be of interest to you on our website or on other websites.

5. Consent

When you visit our website for the first time, we will show you a pop-up with an explanation about cookies. You do have the right to opt-out and to object against the further use of non-functional cookies.

You can also disable the use of cookies via your browser, but please note that our website may no longer work properly.

6. Third parties

We have made agreements about the use of cookies with other companies that place cookies. However, we cannot guarantee that these third parties handle your personal data in a reliable or secure manner. Third parties that we allow to place cookies on our website, such as Google, are independent data controllers, service providers, or independent businesses subject to applicable privacy laws (including the California Consumer Privacy Act or General Data Protection Regulation), as applicable depending on the third party and the service they provide. We recommend that you read the privacy policies of those companies for questions regarding the personal information collected by their cookies, the purposes of that collection, and for information about how to exercise your rights for disclosure or deletion of the information collected by their cookies. You can also read more about each third party cookie, including a link to the privacy policy for the third party, below.

7. Cookies

7.1 Technical or functional cookies

Some cookies ensure that certain parts of the website work properly and that your user preferences remain known. By placing functional cookies, we make it easier for you to visit our website. This way, you do not need to repeatedly enter the same information when visiting our website. We may place these cookies without your consent.

7.2 Advertising cookies

We do not use any advertising cookies on this website.

7.3 Social media buttons

On our website we have included buttons for to promote web pages (e.g. “like”, “pin”) or share (e.g. “tweet”) on social networks like . These buttons work using pieces of code coming from themselves. This code places cookies. These social media buttons also can store and process certain information, so a personalized advertisement can be shown to you.

Please read the privacy statement of these social networks (which can change regularly) to read what they do with your (personal) data which they process using these cookies. The data that is retrieved is anonymized as much as possible. are located in the United States.

8. Placed cookies

Google Analytics

We use Google Analytics for website statistics.

Name Retention Function
Statistics (anonymous)
_ga 2 years Store a unique user ID
_gid 1 day Count and track page views
_gat 1 minute Filter requests from bots
Purpose pending investigation
__utm* session Store browser details

For more information, please read the Google Analytics Privacy Policy.


We use HubSpot for marketing automation (automated e-mail marketing).

Name Retention Function
Purpose pending investigation
messagesUtk 13 months
__hssc 30 minutes
hs-messages-hide-welcome-message 1 day
hs-messages-is-open 30 minutes
hs_ab_test session
__hs_do_not_track 13 months
__hs_opt_out 13 months

For more information, please read the HubSpot Privacy Policy.

Google DoubleClick

We use Google DoubleClick for cross-channel advertising.

Name Retention Function
Purpose pending investigation
__gads persistent Ad delivery

For more information, please read the Google DoubleClick Privacy Policy.

Google Tag Manager

We use Google Tag Manager for website statistics.

Name Retention Function
_gcl_au persistent To take information in ad clicks and store it in a first-party cookie so that conversions can be attributed outside the landing page

For more information, please read the Google Tag Manager Privacy Policy.


We use CloudFlare for content distribution network (CDN) services.

Name Retention Function
__cfduid 1 year Identify trusted web traffic

For more information, please read the CloudFlare Privacy Policy.


We use Vimeo for video display.

Name Retention Function
vuid 2 years Store the user's usage history

For more information, please read the Vimeo Privacy Policy.


Name Retention Function
Purpose pending investigation
__hssrc session

This data is not shared with third parties.

9. Your rights with respect to personal data

You have the following rights with respect to your personal data:

  • you may submit a request for access to the data we process about you;
  • you may object to the processing;
  • you may request an overview, in a commonly used format, of the data we process about you;
  • you may request correction or deletion of the data if it is incorrect or not or no longer relevant, or to ask to restrict the processing of the data.

To exercise these rights, please contact us. Please refer to the contact details at the bottom of this cookie statement. If you have a complaint about how we handle your data, we would like to hear from you.

10. Enabling/disabling and deleting cookies

You can use your internet browser to automatically or manually delete cookies. You can also specify that certain cookies may not be placed. Another option is to change the settings of your internet browser so that you receive a message each time a cookie is placed. For more information about these options, please refer to the instructions in the Help section of your browser.

11. Selling data to third parties

We do not sell the personal information collected from cookies or web beacons to third parties for money, but we may transfer your personal information collected by cookies or web beacons to third parties for the purposes described above.

12. Contact details

For questions and/or comments about our cookie policy and this statement, please contact us by using the following contact details.

The University Centers of Excellence Medical Offices and Central California Faculty Medical Group
2625 E. Divisadero Street
Fresno, California 93721
United States
Phone number: (559) 453-5200